We won’t survive till the spring without shelter.
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Today is the day! The Infinite Sea is available now! 
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The Infinite Sea impressively improves on the excellent beginning of the trilogy by focusing on the emotional turmoil faced by pitting complex youngsters against a massive and overpowering extra-terrestrial menace. With shifting points of view among its ensemble cast, the sequel makes the most of its themes of evolution and humanity while also highlighting two very tough and determined female protagonists and tapping into Yancey’s ocean of creativity.


USA Today, in a 4 out of 4 star review for The Infinite Sea

WARNING: This review contains spoilers. Read it at your own peril. 

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The Infinite Sea | Rick Yancey
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Get ready…The Infinite Sea is almost here!
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The Infinite Sea | Rick Yancey
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Only 5 days left till THE INFINITE SEA is out! What do you hope to find out in this sequel to THE 5TH WAVE?
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When the game can’t be won, you have nothing left to lose.

We are seen as weak, but we are not alone.

They could be anyone. 
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The world is a clock winding down. 
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